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10 Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas for a Pleasant Landscape

Posted on December 15th, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

It’s time to get into the holiday spirit and start decorating your outdoors to make it the perfect space for celebration. Transform your landscape into a Christmas wonderland by decorating it with beautiful garlands, Christmas lights and winter wreaths. You can use creative outdoor decoration ideas to make your home stand out in your neighborhood.

Let’s take a look at some amazing outdoor Christmas decoration ideas:

  1. Christmas Lights

    Christmas Lights

    Place balls of light in different color and size across the lawn. Wrap LED mini lights around balls of chicken wire to create light balls. Add a stunning effect to your landscape by making a tree of lights.

  2. Outdoor Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

    Place an outdoor Christmas tree in your front yard to brighten up your entire landscape. Use mini lights on the branches and add some ornaments to make it more attractive. Adorn it with jingle bells and hand-crafted stars to add a decorative touch.

  3. Lighted Topiary Animals

    topiary animals

    Place lighted animals next to trees and bushes to create natural Christmas scenes. Position a group of lighted deer in a row to depict Santa’s reindeer team pulling the sled and transform your yard into a unique wonderland.

  4. Christmas Messages with Mini Lights

    Christmas Messages

    Display Christmas messages in your yard to boost the holiday spirit. Spell out phrases or words like “Merry Christmas” and “Joy” in the center of your yard and use lights to make them stand out from the rest of the decoration.

  5. Lighted Walkways and Pathways

    Lighted Walkways

    Create a bright, welcoming path by decorating your pathway with multicolored lights. You can use starlight stakes to light your driveways and walkways. Place lighted walkway trees along the sidewalk that complement the rest of the lights.

  6. Brighten Up the Trees and Bushes

    Trees and Bushes

    Wrap your trees in LED lights to make a holiday statement in your yard. Hang starlight spheres from light wrapped trees to spruce up your decoration. You can use color changing lights, or twinkling lights or grand cascade lights to mimic the look of the universe in your yard.

  7. Hang Snowflakes and Stars from Trees


    Hang lighted stars from trees to depict the night sky and snowflakes to illustrate frozen snow. Use these lighted motifs to spruce up your outdoor Christmas decor and make your yard stand out from others.

  8. Decorate Gates Using Glitter Motifs

    Glitter Motifs

    Another outdoor Christmas decoration idea is to design your gates by adorning them with attractive motifs, like sparkling snowflakes or glittering stars to welcome your guests to your home. You can also install them to outline your building structure to create a glittering scene. These scintillating motifs will attract attention to your home.

  9. Drape Fences with Pre -lit Garlands

    Drape Fences with Pre -lit Garlands

    Pre -illuminated garlands or wreaths can effectively help beautify your fences and gates. For speedy decoration, choose some lengthy pre- lit garlands for decorating fences. Allow the garland to wrap slightly in between posts and you can also include ribbon or other decors to align with your overall design. Coordinated pre -lit garlands, tied to posts, windows, or doors will add magic to your landscape.

  10. Set-up a Grand Entry for Guests

    Grand Entry for Guests

    Mesmerize your guests through a grand entrance this Christmas by installing an entry arbor created from re-purposed wooden ladders, close to your building entrance. You can make this chic arbor by using three ladders and coating them with matte black paint, draping them with commercial spherical lights and enhancing the overall appearance by draping garlands.

Show off your festive spirit and make your landscape the envy of your neighbors this Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

Blog Updated On: December 07th, 2017

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