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7 Halloween Decoration Ideas to Create a Spooky Landscape

Posted on October 5th, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Do you want to turn your yard into a spooky landscape this Halloween? Use hair-raising outdoor decorations to give your yard a creepy look and set the mood for the trick-or-treat parties. Fill your yard with skeletons, witches and ghosts to make it the most spooktacular place in your neighborhood.

Halloween Decoration Ideas to Create a Spooky Landscape

Use these scary Halloween decoration ideas to create a spooky landscape:

Sinister Witch
Craft and place a life-size witch statue in your yard to give goosebumps to your guests or neighbors. Include some back lightning to these spooky decorations and give a spine-chilling feeling to your visitors.

Climbing Skeletons
Freak out your guests with plastic skeletons climbing your house. This frightening decoration idea will transform your home into a haunted place and will scare away your neighbors.

Creepy Spider Sacs
Hang terrifying spider sacs from trees, along the fence lines or at your entrance to creep out your trick-or-treaters. You can use baseballs, small plastic spiders, old white tights and hot glue gun to create these creepy DIY decorations.

Little Ghosts
Decorate your yard or entrance with scary small ghosts. Use your creativity and transform gourds into little ghosts. You can also use a white sheet and light it up to give a spooky effect to your landscape.

Spooky Pumpkins
Decorate your front yard with creepy pumpkins of different colors, shapes and sizes.
Get creative and give a new twist to the classic jack o’ lantern. Use black paint to create black sinister pumpkins and illuminate them with light to give an evil look.

Ghoulish Warnings
Place ghoulish warnings at the entrance of your yard to ward off trick-or-treaters. A creepy skeleton covered in torn cloth holding a sign board with ominous warning is all you need for a spine-chilling experience.

Bone-Chilling Cemetery
Transform your yard into a terrifying cemetery by displaying a few tombstones, skeletons and bones. Use fluorescent lightning to add haunted charm at night and give your landscape a truly frightening look.

Are you ready for some scary adventure in your yard? Get going with these landscaping ideas and celebrate the friendly fright of this festive night. Happy Halloween!

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