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Weekly Maintenance Plans

Weekly Maintenance

We understand the needs of commercial property owners and managers and design a weekly maintenance program to fit their specific needs. Our certified professionals visit your site for analysis to decide the maintenance plan required for your landscape.

We are not the typical mow and blow landscapers. Our plans provide regular maintenance with seasonal services necessary to keep your property and tenants or employees healthy, safe, and thrilled by their surroundings.


Lawn Maintenance Tasks

Watering, mowing, edging, fertilizing, repairing damage and controlling weeds are essential weekly tasks required for lawn maintenance. We offer a comprehensive weekly lawn maintenance program to help you get a lush green lawn. Our weekly maintenance program will save you valuable time.


Garden and Planter Maintenance Tasks

Weekly maintenance is important to ensure your garden and plants remain beautiful and healthy all year long. Our weekly programs include weeding, mowing, string trimming, hard edging and groundcover pruning. We will work according to your needs and help you get a beautiful and well-maintained landscape.


Slope Maintenance Tasks

The plants and trees on your property need special care and maintenance. Our tree maintenance plan includes pruning of plants, trees and groundcover, weed control, maintaining basins around all the trees/plants for holding rain and irrigation water and making adjustments to your sprinkler system.


Miscellaneous Maintenance Tasks

Apart from mowing and edging, there are many other tasks that are needed for a healthy landscape.

  • Spraying

  • Spraying with pesticides and herbicides is required to control pests. We offer tree spraying services to keep your trees healthy.

  • Tree Trimming, Staking and Guying

  • Tree trimming, staking and guying allows trees and plants to grow straight and provides protection from strong winds. It is done whenever required.

  • Repairs

  • Heavy traffic, pests, and disease can cause damage to your lawn. Lawn or landscape repair is needed to maintain a healthy and lush lawn or beautiful landscape.

  • Lawn Seeding, Spot Aeration, Fertilization, and Planting

  • We perform spot aeration, lawn seeding, fertilization, and planting as required to ensure optimum growth and health of your lawn.

  • Baiting

  • Snail baits are used throughout the year.


    Seasonal Maintenance Tasks

    Each season needs special care and maintenance of your landscape. Our seasonal maintenance plan will help you maintain your landscape year round.

  • Aeration

    Your lawn needs to be aerated twice a year-spring and fall. We recommend aeration as a part of our seasonal maintenance plan.

  • Fertilization

    Fertilizing lawn ensures healthy growth and it should be done 7-8 times a year. Fertilization helps your plants to get the right nutrients.

  • Weed Control

    Chemicals are used to control lawn and garden weeds. Proper weed control helps in improving the overall plant growth.

  • Corrective Pruning

    Corrective pruning prevents disease and insects from destroying the tress and allows them to grow in a healthier direction. 

    Customized Maintenance Tasks

    We have several maintenance packages available but we create a custom maintenance plan according to the specific needs of your landscape. We first assess and monitor your landscaping needs and then offer customized maintenance tasks to help you improve the appearance of your landscape.

    We strive to provide our clients highest quality landscape maintenance program with 100% customer satisfaction!

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