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10 Landscaping Tips to Enhance the Look of Your Business Property

Posted on April 12th, 2017 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

10 Landscaping Tips to Enhance the Look of Your Business Property

As a business owner, if you are ignoring how your business property looks, you are losing customers and your company’s reputation. The amount of attention we pay to improve the curb appeal of a commercial property is certainly less when compared to a residential property. However, the outdoor space is the first thing that your potential customers notice when they visit or pass by your business premises.

Enhance the look of your business to attract more customers and increase your brand’s reputation. You can alter the landscaping of the surrounding area in order to make your business property more inviting. Use simple and creative landscaping ideas to spruce up your business property and maintain a professional appearance.

A beautifully designed landscape will enhance your business image by making it more appealing to your customers and an enjoyable work place for your employees. It will also help in your business growth by creating a positive and pleasant environment and by showing that you care for your customers and employees. You will have a competitive advantage in the industry as well.

Here are 10 landscaping tips and ideas for commercial buildings:

  • Pay Attention to the Entrance
    Make your business premises more inviting and welcoming by paying attention to the entrance of your building. Keep it wide so that it is easy for your customers to enter your business and focus on the pathway. You can use materials that are outstanding and distinctive. You can go for simple concrete pathway which is common, yet attractive or repurposed brick which creates a traditional look.

  • Attractive Plants
    Plants add more color to your outdoor space. You can go for plants which are attractive and easy to maintain. Display your company’s name or logo on plants and shrubs. Choose bright-colored plants which would be eye catching, but be careful while selecting and choose only those plants that complement your landscaping and style of your building.

  • Stunning Outdoor Furniture
    Outdoor furniture is becoming very popular as everyone wants to gather outside. Add stunning and decorative furniture and accessories to your outdoor space. You can choose from traditional to modern trends of outdoor furniture. Seating areas like wrought iron seating or plain wooden benches create a relaxing atmosphere for visitors and employees.

  • Decorative Features
    You can add a finishing touch to your commercial landscape by using decorative features like fountains and garden statues. You should only select such designs for the decorative features that naturally enrich your commercial structure and make it more inviting. This will not just enhance the look of your business property, but will also attract more customers to your business.

  • Hardscaping
    Retaining walls, concrete and natural stones enhance the appearance of your commercial building. Hardscaping gives security and stability and is an important part of the overall landscape design. You should select materials that match the structure of your building. You can go for simple concrete blocks for modern buildings, or can select natural stones for the traditional ones.

  • Create Patios and Walkways
    You can create walkways and patios filled with shrubbery to provide a place for relaxation to your employees and customers. Stone walkways are the best for pedestrians who want to enter your business property from multiple entrances. A cobblestone walkway makes your entryway more welcoming. You can hire a landscape company to create walkways and patios which your customers and employees can enjoy for years to come.

  • Appropriate Outdoor Lighting
    Outdoor lighting ensures your property’s safety and increases its value. It makes your building look attractive at night by illuminating the important features of your landscape. You can use appropriate lighting for patios, pathways and building entrances to make your landscape bloom in the night.

  • Add Color
    Using bright colors for your landscape attracts people who pass-by your property. Bright and attractive colors used at the entrance of your property help in improving the look and feel of your building. It creates a pleasant environment that will attract more customers resulting in more business. Color is the best way to add energy and liveliness to your business premises as it directly affects our mood.

  • Provide Clear Visibility
    Visibility is the first thing that attracts new and existing customers to your business. You should not block the view of your commercial building with huge trees and bushes. Make sure that it is visible from all directions so that it is easily recognized and noticed by the people passing by your business premises.

  • Regular Checkups and Cleanings
    Your commercial landscape and hardscape require regular maintenance and cleanings. You should keep an eye on natural impacts that regularly affect your landscape and hardscape. Cleaning of pavers, retaining walls, concrete and stone walls not just improves your hardscape’s longevity, but creates a positive impression too. You should also pay attention to the removal of weeds and unwanted plants around your patios and pathways to give your business premises a neat appearance.

  • If you are interested and looking to enhance the look of your business property, you can search for commercial landscaping companies in your area. These companies will provide the highest quality of service to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the look that you want for your landscape.

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  1. There are many reasons why you need to maintain a beautiful landscape to commercial properties. Not only it can enhance the image of the business but also it gives highlight to the site structure thus increasing the value of your home and attracting more customers.

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