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3 Unique Drought Friendly Lawn Ideas in Southern California

Posted on June 15th, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

With landscaping becoming more popular in California and other drought stricken areas, people are looking for new ideas to keep their lawns looking beautifully unique. It’s easy to choose statuary, ponds and fountains that accent the exterior of the property and add a personal touch, but the layout of the landscaping should play a role as well.

Drought Friendly Ideas

Here are 3 drought-friendly lawn ideas in Southern California:

  1. Add Depth with Tall Grasses

    An easy way to add depth to a small landscaped area is to use tall, decorative grasses like Japanese Blood Grass. Russian Sage also grows tall and comes in different colors. By placing them along the very back of the area, the taller plants make the shorter ones in front, stand out. This is especially true when blooming plants are combined with the deep green of succulents and other foliage. Tall grasses can also be used along fences to hide any imperfections that may be present.

  2. Try the Layered Look

    Layering the landscaping also provides depth. The layers can be subtle and created through the use of different sizes of plants. They can also be creased through the use of tiers. Building tiers that extend outward gives a layered look that is structured and controlled. Succulents and flowering bushes work well with this type of landscaping. Layers can be defined by different types of ground cover to set them off even more.

  3. Thick Ground Cover

    Ice Plant and Creeping Sedum are just two varieties of ground cover that are thick, beautiful and very drought tolerant. Blue Queen Salvia is another drought coverthat works well in the hot, California climate. It blooms steadily, much like the Ice Plant but is much taller and will provide a beautiful back drop for other flowering plants that are put along with it. Mix in some pea gravel or landscaping stone and you have a nice mix of both soft and hardscaping.

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