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5 Cost Effective Fire Smart Landscaping Ideas

Posted on June 22nd, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

The key to preventing fires with landscaping is to reduce the amount of fuel that is available for the fire to consume. By using non-flammable ground cover and a strategy geared toward preventing possible fires, homeowners will have a distinct advantage and have the bonus of keeping their property beautiful.


Landscaping Ideas


Here are 5 cost-effective ideas to create a fire-resistant landscape:

  • Create Larger Landscaped Areas
  • Landscape larger areas especially near trees or closer to the perimeter of the fence. Creating large areas closer to the home improves its overall look and will require less maintenance in the long run.

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  • Remove any Brush or Undergrowth
  • Eliminate any loose brush or undergrowth that has died and started to dry out. This means pulling out any plants that no longer serve a purpose and replacing them with something that isn’t so flammable.


  • Eliminate Fuel Sources near the Home
  • Eliminate any thing that could be used as fuel source. Wooden chairs, dried plants, wood mulch, etc. Replace wood mulch with pea gravel or other stone. Put fire pits and barbecue areas farther away from the home. Build an area with pavers and benches so the risk of fire stays minimal.


  • Clear Away Leaves and Debris
  • Clear away leaves and any other debris that can blow around the yard or eventually end up near the home. Rake leaves away from the fence and trees. Don’t let them pile up in the corners of the lawn.


  • Use the “Zone” System
  • The Zone system means dividing up landscaping in specific areas. The zone that is farthest away from the house should have tall trees or bushes that will help repel a fire. Succulents and gravel ground cover can be used to prevent any embers from taking hold near the home. Much like a “fire barrier”, creating a zone around the property can prevent a fire from moving farther into your yard.

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