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5 Easy Landscaping Tips to Prepare Your Garden for a Party

Posted on March 15th, 2017 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

garden party tips

Whenever it’s about parties, you neither look for a reason nor the season. This is something that delights every age group, and there wouldn’t be a better place than your own garden to host an amazing outdoor party. As you can see the harsh winter breeze is over, it’s time for the nice sunny weather with naturally blooming flowers to set the tone for an outdoor get together.

Here are some easy landscaping tips to prepare a mesmerizing yard for all those whom you’ve invited for the garden party:

  1. Prepare Your Lawn
    Your lawn is the first thing everyone will notice once they’ve arrived. So make sure you’ve cleaned up your lawn properly, patched up all glaring issues, equally trimmed the grass and check that there’s no water leakage issue. This will keep your lawn lush and green even after long hours of barefoot traffic.

  2. Repair Your Deck
    After long winters and messy spring, your garden deck needs proper attention. You need to check for the signs of decaying woods, stained board or loose railing. Everything needs to be inspected thoroughly before you plan your party. Once it’s done, clean the deck and it’s ready for your guests to walk on it.

  3. Light Up the Pathways
    Lighting is a very essential element in every event. This is what sets the mood for the specific event and eif it’s a late night party, lighting is very important. Therefore before planning your garden party, install solar and battery-operated lights along the dark pathways to avoid the tripping hazards. You can even use outdoor light torches and place them randomly in seating area to create a pleasant ambiance.

  4. Plant Vibrant Color Flowers
    Vibrant color flowers in your yard will be the eye-catchers of your party. You need to plant them a month or two before you’ve planned the event. If this is not possible, you can purchase flowers planted in containers from a nursery as this is a quick way to add colors to you lawn. Once you’ve got these potted flowers, place them at corners where they look like showcase plants.

  5. Prune Shrubs and Weeds
    Pruning your lawn after winters and spring is really important and specially, your shrubs and weeds. Many people neglect doing it but keep in mind that a well-pruned lawn will not only look good, it’ll also have great health benefits. So before your guests arrive for your garden party, make sure that there’s no unwanted growth in any of the plants.

Apart from all the above mentioned tips, you can even add some extra eye-catchers for your party like sculptures, different colored mulches bed, bird bath and even specific garden furniture according to your preference. This will ensure that your landscape is picture perfect for the grand garden party.

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