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5 Easy Ways to Create a Pleasant Landscape This Thanksgiving

Posted on November 16th, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Thanksgiving-its imprints can be traced way back in history to 1621, where farmers used to carry out the feast to show respect to nature for the abundance of food they received during the harvest season. As times changed, the traditional decoration of farms to the urban decoration of houses and streets, took place.

Here are some creative ideas you can use to give your house some pleasant decor that’ll remind you and your guests of what you all should be thankful for:

  1. Place Signs in the Garden

    Place Signs in the Garden

    A landscaping idea for Thanksgiving doesn’t have to include only plants, some welcoming and cordial words are just as aesthetic. Include signs of anything related to the spirit of Thanksgiving. For this project, you can refurbish old pallets, a wooden signpost, or a fence.

  2. Decorate with Garden Lighting

    Decorate with Garden Lighting

    It’s obvious that days are brief in the fall and winter season, so during the Thanksgiving, you should try to effectively illuminate and beautify your garden with outdoor lights. You can put your mason jars to good use as candle holders. Make the garden walkways to your home glow with a festive feel.

  3. Install a Hay Cart In The Garden

    Hay Cart

    You can be playful and have fun while landscaping your outdoors this Thanksgiving by including a few lovely scarecrows. Since a hay cart truly signifies harvest, we can use one to show our thankfulness for it, set up a few scarecrows, some straw, and a few pumpkins in one as a hayride theme in your garden.

  4. Make Decorative Pumpkin Planters

    Decorative Pumpkin

    This is one adorable Thanksgiving decoration idea. Pumpkins ideally represent the harvest season so decorate your garden using some pumpkins. Pile up a few pumpkins of different colors and sizes to create attractive outdoor planters and place any extras on your porch.

  5. Drape Silk Flowers

    Silk Flowers

    Dried flowers, dried berries, ribbon and raffia are some really authentic elements for Thanksgiving that will add a unique traditional touch to this festive season. Hang some of them on your main entrance gate and let your visitors see the pleasant and cozy environment of your well decorated home.

Use these creative and unique ideas to create a pleasant landscape this Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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