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5 Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

Posted on September 14th, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

A beautiful and properly maintained yard helps to create a perfect outdoor space that reflects your lifestyle and personality. Beautifying your yard doesn’t always have to cost you a lot. You use creative and budget-friendly landscaping ideas to give your yard a complete makeover without breaking your bank.

5 Inexpensive Landscaping Ideas for Your Yard

Here are 5 budget landscaping ideas to improve your front yard or backyard:

  1. Use Pavers and Ground Cover
    Pavers and ground cover help to create a great visual impact when you have a limited budget. Cover up unused ground space by using recycled pavers and by planting moss or creeping sedum. This combination will help you save money.

  2. Repurpose and Upcycle Planters
    You can use wine crates, tires, old pallets as planters. Paint these planters in a bold color. Hang them at different heights for adding depth and dimension and creating a visual focal point.

  3. Add Perennials and Ornamental Grasses
    You can plant perennials that add to the beauty of your yard for several years. Use ornamental grasses to add color and texture to your yard. They are budget-friendly options as they require low maintenance and help your yard look expensive on a shoestring budget.

  4. Use Gravel
    You can use gravel in areas where there are no plants and where there is heavy traffic or drainage problem. Give your yard a modern look by using gravel- an inexpensive, durable and low-maintenance option.

  5. Recycle and Add Unexpected Materials
    Recycle wood scraps, corrugated steel or old copper into a unique feature that helps to give your yard an exclusive look. Beautify your fence or patio wall by using unexpected materials.

It’s time to get creative and use some of these budget landscaping ideas to enhance the look of your yard.

What do you do to accentuate your outdoors within a budget? Please share your budget-friendly landscaping ideas in the comments!

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