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6 Easy Landscape Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Yard

Posted on January 18th, 2017 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Maintaining your yard is very important when it comes to having a healthy yard. But with your busy life, you don’t want to get fiddled up for hours with fussy plants, dead leaves, and insects damaging your lawn. However, if you don’t pay attention to these, your lawn will look very pale and dry. There are many ways to maintain your yard without spending long hours.

Healthy Yard

Let’s take a look at some really easy tips that won’t take much of your time in order to maintain a healthy and beautiful yard:

  1. Analyze According to Your Time and Budget
    The selection of plants for your beautiful lawn is really important. But more than that, analyzing your own resources – time and money is what matters the most in further maintenance of plants. If you decide to work on your lawn yourself, choose plants that are easy to care for. Whereas, if you aren’t interested in yard-work and have a few extra dollars, you can even go for plants that are labor intensive and require more care.

  2. Select Simple Plants and Flowers for Your Landscape
    Theme and variation are the two most important elements in creating a beautiful landscape. Keep your theme simple and choose low maintenance plants and flowers that require less care. If you will choose lots of different flowers in your lawn for variation, maintenance may end up being a burden for you.

  3. Choose Durable Materials for Easy Maintenance
    It requires a lot of research to find the durability and maintenance that specific materials require. Decks, pathways, or edges require good quality material to withstand the changing weather. Therefore, you need to do your homework properly before investing on any such materials.

  4. Plan Your Maintenance List Sensibly
    Prioritizing and planning the steps to proper lawn maintenance is essential. This will give you a productive way to differentiate between what is important and needs to be taken care of before the trivial tasks.

  5. Figure Out Your Plants’ Growth
    Keep track of your plants’ growth. It will help you in maintaining a healthy yard. Once you’ve got the idea, when your plant is fully grown and needs to be pruned, you can easily judge which plant needs pruning at which stage.

  6. Reduce Joints and Edges
    Go for curves rather over joints and edges as they require less maintenance and will help you reduce the time for your landscape maintenance. And, if you are confused about where to use joints, edges or curves, leave them all. Adding more material to your yard will increase your work.

Follow these tips to maintain a healthy yard and increase the aesthetic appeal of your home!

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One thought on “6 Easy Landscape Maintenance Tips for a Healthy Yard”

  1. Thank you for the 6 easy landscape maintenance tips for a healthy yard. I like the idea to choose plants that are easy to care for if you will be the one doing the work. You want to plan out the landscape and garden so you can maintain it easily if you plan on doing it yourself. Otherwise, you should plan a budget for the plants and how much it will also cost to have a professional maintain the yard.

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