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8 Easy Tips for Beginners to Start a Small Garden

Posted on June 1st, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Gardening can be both relaxing and time consuming, but in the end you have beautiful results and a view you can enjoy. It isn’t hard to get started, and with a few easy steps you will be able to keep your garden looking great.


  1. Weed Often

    Weed the area often. Weeds take water and nutrients from the soil that the plants need to thrive. If you remove the weeds early enough, they won’t create an issue.

  2. Use Mulch

    Mulch and other forms of ground cover will help to protect the surface of your garden. It will prevent weed seeds from taking root and will stop the wind and rain from eroding the top layer of the soil.

  3. Keep it Clean

    Always keep the area clean. Remove any lawn debris or trash that may accumulate in the area. Not only is it unsightly, but it can also damage your plants if the debris builds up.

  4. Edge the Garden Area

    Edge the garden area. It will provide a definite boundary and will also help to keep the grass from trying to encroach into the area.

  5. Use Good Soil

    Before you begin to put your plants in the garden, add some nutrient-rich black dirt to start your plants out right.

  6. Pick the Right Plants

    Pick the right types of plants. Your climate will determine whether or not you need drought-tolerant plants. However, it is up to you to choose between flowering plants or beautiful green foliage.

  7. Water as Needed

    Make sure to water your garden as needed. Some gardens will need less water than others, but you must always keep it sufficiently hydrated to ensure the plants are looking their best.

  8. Proper Spacing

    Give each plant plenty of room to grow and thrive. This is especially true of the roots. If you put them too close to a neighboring plant, the roots will have to compete for the water and nutrients they need.

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