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9 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Garden Upkeep

Posted on December 22nd, 2015 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

If you are a garden enthusiast, your garden will be part of your New Year’s resolutions. In case you are looking for something new or are considering making some changes to your existing garden, here are nine resolutions to consider in 2016.

Gardening Resolution for New Year

Be Realistic
First consider how much time you will have for gardening. If you only have about 10 or 15 minutes at a time, select plants that will thrive without extra attention.

Keep Weeding
One regular activity is tackling weeds. Along with regular gardening, make sure you schedule weeding into weekly routine. Make sure to include some time in the fall and in winter.

Remove Old Plants
Some plants you can keep, but remove old diseased plants. If you don’t pull the diseased plants, they can pass on infections and problems to your new plants.

Encourage Good Bugs
One reason you don’t want to use pesticides or insecticides is that you could wipe out beneficial bugs, such as bees. Good bugs can pollinate your plants or eat other bugs. If you want to grow vegetables, encouraging these bugs can make your food much better.

Use Indigenous Plants
This is particularly helpful if you won’t have a lot of time to garden over the coming year. Pick flowers, shrubs, and vegetables that will thrive without much extra attention.

Add Herbs
Herbs smell fantastic, and also help you eat healthier over the coming year. If you want to lose weight, consider a small herb section to help you change up the flavor of your food.

Pick Plants That Pop
Choose plants that have a nice scent or a unique color. If you mix up the look and smell of your garden, you are more likely to spend time in it.

Vary Your Activities
You should have enough activities that you change up your posture and motions. This will keep your body from aching too much afterwards.

Use Compost
Compost is one of the best things you can do for your garden. From enriching the soil to improving water retention, this is something to add in your gardening routine.

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