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6 Mowing Tips to Keep Your Lawn Clean and Healthy

Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

The look of your lawn is dependent on how it is mowed. Different people have different lawn mowing tips to make their yard look beautiful. Homeowners who take the time to follow a few simple rules when mowing can be at ease knowing that their lawns will always look their best.

Mowing Tips to Keep Your Lawn Clean and Healthy

Here are a few simple tips to keep the lawn clean and healthy:

  1. Keep Mower Blades Sharp

    One of the best lawn mowing tips available is to keep all mower blades sharp. A sharp blade shears off the top of the grass without damaging it. This keeps the grass look nice and green. Blades of grass that are damaged will often turn brown along the top, making the lawn look like its dying or damaged.

  2. Use the 1/3 Rule

    Never mow more than 1/3 of the total blade length. Slightly longer blades of grass keep the lawn looking healthy, thick and vibrant.

  3. Water Deeper

    The roots of a grass lawn run deep so it is important to saturate the soil thoroughly. Watering the lawn often only saturates the top part of the grass which is not deep enough for the roots to draw from. Saturating the soil once a week is normally enough to keep the lawn look its best.

  4. Mow Early in the Day

    Mowing early in the day allows the grass to recover before it gets too hot. It also allows for less gasoline to be lost from your mower through evaporation. Mowing in the early hours right after the dew lifts, is a lawn mowing tip that has stood the test of time.

  5. Take Your Time

    Don’t rush while you mow. Take your time and allow the mower to glide smoothly over the grass while taking corners. This prevents missed spots that will make the grass look uneven.

  6. Alternate Patterns

    Change patterns each time you mow to prevent ruts and lines from forming in the grass. Crossing paths can create unique designs that will stand out once the lawn starts to grow again.

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