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7 Budget Smart Ideas for Backyard Landscaping

Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Professional landscaping is often expensive, which deters many people from working on their yards. However, there are a lot of simple ways that you can improve your backyard without breaking the bank.

Landscape Backyard

Start the process of landscaping your backyard by making a list of requirements (i.e. must be kid-friendly, can withstand freezing temperatures). These criteria will help you determine which of the following backyard landscaping ideas are a good fit for your property.

Define spaces
Establishing clear boundaries for different parts of the yard gives it form and function. Defining a space can be as easy as lining a flower bed with pebbles or rearranging the lawn furniture.

Create a path
A path leads people into a yard, enticing them to see what lies beyond the entrance. A straight path is ideal for an ordered yard while a winding path may work better for a more natural yard.

Add a trellis
A trellis is a versatile way to add major impact to your yard without breaking the bank. A trellis can serve as a focal point in the yard or can draw people into a specific area, such as a gathering space or flower garden.

Refashion your patio
Bringing character to a patio or porch transforms it from a practical but dull feature into a visual point of interest. Lay slate tiles over existing floor boards or paint the railings and/or flooring. Big pots with different plants can also enhance the look.

Create height
If you’re tight on space but want to make your yard more dynamic, focus on building up instead of out. Incorporate plants of varying heights or add boulders in different sizes to pull the eye upward.

Unify the aesthetic with mulch
Mulch is one of the simplest and most inexpensive products that creates a unified look in a yard. Choose a single mulch color and use it for all of your flower beds and any exposed soil.

Consider the landscaping an extension of the house
Paint the side of the house facing the yard a natural shade, such as light gray or taupe, which complements the natural landscaping.

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