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Category: Landscaping Tips

5 Interesting Ideas to Spice up Your Outdoor Fire Pit Seating
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Having an outdoor fire pit seating arrangement is a brilliant idea to spice up your patio. You can transform your fire pit area into a fabulous retreat by placing comfortable chairs, seats or sofas around it. It will offer you an interesting focal point to enjoy many pleasurable activities with friends and family.

Your outdoor fire pit seating area can be designed according to your requirements and your budget. Here is a compilation of a few outdoor fire pit seating ideas to inspire you.


Interesting Ideas to Spice up Your Outdoor Fire Pit Seating

  1. Garden Space Arrangement
    Large wooden chairs and a few pillows are perfect for adding comfort to this arrangement. You can modify the colors according to the season so your fire pit will have an appealing look all year long.
  2. Sit and Swing Arrangement
    A fire pit that’s made of stone and has individual seats can be offered an exciting appearance by including a swing. Patio swings are popularly added to the fire pit area to make it look more welcoming.
  3. Center Stage Arrangement
    The fire pit need not be the focal point. You can set up an attractive table that can seat six to eight people and also include a couple of chairs nearby. Place the furniture so that it serves as the center of attraction and the fire pit remains in the background.
  4. Color Craze Arrangement
    Use bright colors to add more appeal to your fire pit area. Including a bench style or round seating arrangement with tri-color pillows will look amazing. Also, colored chairs are an excellent choice to add more fun.
  5. Camp Style Arrangement
    Camping in your backyard around a fire pit is a fantastic seating idea for homes having a garden lake or pond. Hobo type seats with wooden borders are ideal. You can place treated logs as drink holders to enhance the look. These seats work fine with or without cushions.

Use these ideas to add more comfort and elegance to your outdoor space. Remember to consider the necessary safety measures when implementing your outdoor fire pit designs.

5 Useful Tips for Your Dog Friendly Landscaping
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

It’s actually possible for you to own both a canine pet and an attractive yard. However, dog friendly landscaping can pose challenges that may involve some compromises. You should be ready to create a balance between your desired landscaping idea and the prerequisites of owning this type of pet. For achieving this balance, all you need to do is design a dog friendly landscape.

5 Useful Tips for Your Dog Friendly Landscaping

Here are the 5 useful tips to design a dog friendly landscaping for your yard:

  1. Know the Breed

    While every dog is unique, diverse breeds tend to have distinctive traits. Some breeds love to dig while others enjoy patrolling or chewing on random objects, and if left unsupervised, can eventually cause havoc in your garden. You should be mindful of your dogs’ natural instincts before you allow them to wander off freely in your yard.

    Miniature Siberian Husky

  2. Pave Pathways

    Include a running area at or near the boundary of your yard comprising of a distinctly designed route that your dogs can comfortably tread. Pave your gardens using paw-friendly materials like brick or gravel. You can use comfy mulch like shredded hardwood mulch, or smooth pebbles, that won’t stick to longhair coats and will retain the attractiveness of your yard too.

    Pave Pathways

  3. Provide Shelter and Water

    Although your dog may be living in your house, it will appreciate the option of a secure outdoor dwelling place where it can hideaway during the day. You can design a safe doghouse or kennel with ornamental fencing to match your home so that it suits with your landscape. Also ensure to have the ground covered with gravel, and provision for plenty of fresh water.

    Provide Shelter and Water

  4. Create Digging Spots

    You can assign digging place like a sandbox using sand or gravel and train your dog to use the spot. Also, keep some treats or toys buried in there to inspire your dog to dig there and reward it for using that spot. To restrain your pet from digging in other areas of the garden, try installing chicken fencing or low picket fencing or employ dense planting parallel to the fence line.

    Create Digging Spots

  5. Plant Wisely

    Ensure to check before planting to rule out toxic plant variants. Select plant species like lavender, rosemary, and mint, that minimize fleas and plants that are great for dog consumption like blueberries, wheat grass, and oat grass. You can also include urine-resistant varieties like Japanese spindle tree for your landscaping. Containers or raised planter boxes are safer options for planting delicate and attractive species.

    Plant Wisely

Following these useful tips will transform your outdoor yard into a dog-friendly space that will be relished by both you and your canine friend.

5 Easy Landscaping Tips to Prepare Your Garden for a Party
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

garden party tips

Whenever it’s about parties, you neither look for a reason nor the season. This is something that delights every age group, and there wouldn’t be a better place than your own garden to host an amazing outdoor party. As you can see the harsh winter breeze is over, it’s time for the nice sunny weather with naturally blooming flowers to set the tone for an outdoor get together.

Here are some easy landscaping tips to prepare a mesmerizing yard for all those whom you’ve invited for the garden party:

  1. Prepare Your Lawn
    Your lawn is the first thing everyone will notice once they’ve arrived. So make sure you’ve cleaned up your lawn properly, patched up all glaring issues, equally trimmed the grass and check that there’s no water leakage issue. This will keep your lawn lush and green even after long hours of barefoot traffic.

  2. Repair Your Deck
    After long winters and messy spring, your garden deck needs proper attention. You need to check for the signs of decaying woods, stained board or loose railing. Everything needs to be inspected thoroughly before you plan your party. Once it’s done, clean the deck and it’s ready for your guests to walk on it.

  3. Light Up the Pathways
    Lighting is a very essential element in every event. This is what sets the mood for the specific event and eif it’s a late night party, lighting is very important. Therefore before planning your garden party, install solar and battery-operated lights along the dark pathways to avoid the tripping hazards. You can even use outdoor light torches and place them randomly in seating area to create a pleasant ambiance.

  4. Plant Vibrant Color Flowers
    Vibrant color flowers in your yard will be the eye-catchers of your party. You need to plant them a month or two before you’ve planned the event. If this is not possible, you can purchase flowers planted in containers from a nursery as this is a quick way to add colors to you lawn. Once you’ve got these potted flowers, place them at corners where they look like showcase plants.

  5. Prune Shrubs and Weeds
    Pruning your lawn after winters and spring is really important and specially, your shrubs and weeds. Many people neglect doing it but keep in mind that a well-pruned lawn will not only look good, it’ll also have great health benefits. So before your guests arrive for your garden party, make sure that there’s no unwanted growth in any of the plants.

Apart from all the above mentioned tips, you can even add some extra eye-catchers for your party like sculptures, different colored mulches bed, bird bath and even specific garden furniture according to your preference. This will ensure that your landscape is picture perfect for the grand garden party.

5 Innovative Ideas for a Mesmerizing Hillside Landscape
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Hillside Landscape

The exterior of your house is something that will not only compliment your home but also reflect your personality. Landscaping plays an important role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your house, but landscaping on a hillside is one of the hardest jobs around as it requires very skilled designers to cope up with the complexity of turning a bald hillside into a scintillating landscape. All it needs is patience and effective strategy to make the woe of hillside landscaping a thing of the past.

Here are some important hillside landscaping tips that can help you create a mesmerizing landscape:

  1. Restore the Natural View
    The best way to work on slopes and hillside landscape project is to restore the natural landscape with minimal work. You should maintain the slopes and bends in a specific manner that it complements your house rather than cutting down these bends and edges that may lead to soil erosion or planting failures.

  2. Make an Even Slope
    Switchback path and simple but contrasting plants suitable to native environment are the key elements on which hillside gardens rely on. Design of the path in hillside landscapes creates a sense of visual interest in the landscape as a well-planned and even vertical slopes will set your house apart from the others.

  3. Retaining Wall Goes Well
    Retaining walls have been there for a long time. It’s a good solution to utilize an inclined space and enhance the aesthetic appeal as well because these walls made up of hollow concrete blocks have enough area for well-drained soil that’s really good for plantation.

  4. Selective Plants for Hillside
    The layers of the soil are disturbed due to cutting and digging that can lead to soil erosion or slope failure as they lose their cohesive qualities. Deep-rooted plants and trees are considered the best for slope landscapes as the roots act as natural binding agents for the subsoil layer.

  5. Create a Complementing Pattern
    When preparing the landscape on steep slopes, you can set aback the monotonous style gardens and go for something that explains your credibility. Use hardscaping in a manner that creates a visual difference between the grades in your garden. In the similar manner, use all the other elements such as fence rails, stonework, gate, seating, etc. in such a way that it complements each other in style and form.

A beautiful landscape sets up the tone for everyone from homeowners to visitors. Keep these important tips in mind while creating a pleasant hillside landscape.

5 Cost Effective Fire Smart Landscaping Ideas
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

The key to preventing fires with landscaping is to reduce the amount of fuel that is available for the fire to consume. By using non-flammable ground cover and a strategy geared toward preventing possible fires, homeowners will have a distinct advantage and have the bonus of keeping their property beautiful.


Landscaping Ideas


Here are 5 cost-effective ideas to create a fire-resistant landscape:

  • Create Larger Landscaped Areas
  • Landscape larger areas especially near trees or closer to the perimeter of the fence. Creating large areas closer to the home improves its overall look and will require less maintenance in the long run.

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  • Remove any Brush or Undergrowth
  • Eliminate any loose brush or undergrowth that has died and started to dry out. This means pulling out any plants that no longer serve a purpose and replacing them with something that isn’t so flammable.


  • Eliminate Fuel Sources near the Home
  • Eliminate any thing that could be used as fuel source. Wooden chairs, dried plants, wood mulch, etc. Replace wood mulch with pea gravel or other stone. Put fire pits and barbecue areas farther away from the home. Build an area with pavers and benches so the risk of fire stays minimal.


  • Clear Away Leaves and Debris
  • Clear away leaves and any other debris that can blow around the yard or eventually end up near the home. Rake leaves away from the fence and trees. Don’t let them pile up in the corners of the lawn.


  • Use the “Zone” System
  • The Zone system means dividing up landscaping in specific areas. The zone that is farthest away from the house should have tall trees or bushes that will help repel a fire. Succulents and gravel ground cover can be used to prevent any embers from taking hold near the home. Much like a “fire barrier”, creating a zone around the property can prevent a fire from moving farther into your yard.