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Facts About Pruning an Italian Cypress Tree

Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Italian cypress trees can grow as large as 80 feet tall and 8 feet wide. Despite their towering size, they still need to be protected from winter conditions. Pruning branches helps to prepare cypress trees for the winter, making them stronger against the elements. Branches can be trimmed with pruning shears, a hedge clipper or a clipper tree saw.

Cypress tree mulching

Here are more important details to remember about pruning an Italian Cypress tree.

Ways Pruning Helps Cypress Trees

  • Pruning the terminal buds at the end of branches keeps the branches from growing out of control, which can disrupt the tree’s balance.
  • Removing long weak branches in early spring helps reduce stress on the tree.
  • Cut the joint where the weak limb joins a strong branch with pruning shears.
  • Pruning helps prevent damage to limbs caused by wind.

Tips to Help Cypress Trees Grow

  • Italian cypress trees do not need regular pruning, but do need to be monitored for possible pruning.
  • All it takes is a central leader to form a healthy sturdy cypress tree.
  • Flat top pruning is a technique used with a pair of hedge clippers to trim the tree’s height, which is helpful if the tree is near a corner of your home.
  • If you determine that water damage is causing drooping limbs, you can take steps to protect your tree from future damage.
  • Italian cypress trees grow quickly, so it is essential to quickly become educated about their health.

How to Keep Your Cypress Tree Healthy

One of the problems with pruning an Italian cypress tree is that disease can spread through limbs. Pruning infected limbs helps prevent the disease from spreading throughout the tree. But pruning alone may not be enough, as your tree may need to be treated with fungicides or chemicals.

Ultimately, you should determine a desired height for your tree and then prune accordingly each year in the late winter or early spring.

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