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Spring Care: Rejuvenate Your Lawn for the Growing Season

Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

When winter starts to wind down, the first thing you want to do is to get out and start working in the yard. Going from one season to another requires some work, especially if you want to sufficiently prepare your lawn for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Spring Care : Maintain Your Lawn
Wait Until the Frost Is Gone
Don’t start your lawn care program too early. Wait until the frost has passed. This gives the grass time to wake up slowly allowing it to acclimate to the warmer temperatures. Working in the yard too soon can damage the new grass shoots and make the soil too hard for them to take root. Give your lawn a chance to finish greening up before you mow or aerate.

Rake First
Raking your lawn first helps to remove any thatch that may have built up over the fall. Rake deeply so that air can reach the soil. Using a firm rake will also help you find areas where the grass may be dying off or lacking in some way. Exposing these areas early gives you a chance to get them taken care of first.

Test the Acidity of the Soil
Use a do-it-yourself pH test kit. An extremely cold winter can cause your soil to become acidic. Many grasses cannot grow or thrive in acidic soils. If you find your soil to be extremely acidic, add a very thin layer of lime. Lime will neutralize the acids and help to bring your soils back into balance.

Add Your Fertilizer
Many people choose to add fertilizer in the fall. If you fertilize before winter, you probably wouldn’t have to fertilize again so soon. If you choose to fertilize in the spring, it will help your grass to get a fresh start.

Knock Out the Weeds
Knock out weeds by using herbicides when your lawn begins to green up. This will prevent weed seeds from taking hold and keep them from establishing a roof bed. If you use a pre-emergent weed killer as soon as your grass begins to grow, you should be able to keep weeds under control throughout the summer.

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