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Tag: Modern Landscape

Top Ideas to Design Modern Landscapes with Retaining Walls
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Retaining walls are designed to both serve a purpose and improve the aesthetics of your property. They can be created using a variety of materials and will last several years if properly constructed. When designing your retaining wall, look closely at your property to determine which materials will best serve your purpose.



Retaining walls that are made out of steel or iron fit well with many of today’s more modern homes. Hard, clean lines of metal create the perfect balance when it comes to the lines and angles of the home. Steel offers a more neutral finish and will fit in well with most types of contemporary gardens. If you want a rustic look, metal pieces can be added that have a touch of rust, giving the appearance of age.


Wood goes with almost any type of construction and adds a natural element that completes a classic design. It will offer visual support to almost any type of garden or home construction and is easily combined with stone or concrete that helps to add support to the barrier.


Using concrete and stone not only improves the look of your home, it also adds strength to the retaining wall. You can combine almost any color of rock or stone and blend in concrete or bricks to create a wide variety of patterns. If pavers are used within the garden itself, having them match the retaining wall can also add a nice touch to the area.

Retaining walls are designed to provide sturdy support. This doesn’t mean they have to be dull or boring. Using the right material will increase curb appeal and create an outstanding addition to your landscaping. Whether the design is simple or elaborate, the form and function of the retaining wall can be supported by a beautiful design that beautifies and enhances the look of your property.