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Tag: Outdoor Decor

5 Interesting Ideas to Spice up Your Outdoor Fire Pit Seating
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Having an outdoor fire pit seating arrangement is a brilliant idea to spice up your patio. You can transform your fire pit area into a fabulous retreat by placing comfortable chairs, seats or sofas around it. It will offer you an interesting focal point to enjoy many pleasurable activities with friends and family.

Your outdoor fire pit seating area can be designed according to your requirements and your budget. Here is a compilation of a few outdoor fire pit seating ideas to inspire you.


Interesting Ideas to Spice up Your Outdoor Fire Pit Seating

  1. Garden Space Arrangement
    Large wooden chairs and a few pillows are perfect for adding comfort to this arrangement. You can modify the colors according to the season so your fire pit will have an appealing look all year long.
  2. Sit and Swing Arrangement
    A fire pit that’s made of stone and has individual seats can be offered an exciting appearance by including a swing. Patio swings are popularly added to the fire pit area to make it look more welcoming.
  3. Center Stage Arrangement
    The fire pit need not be the focal point. You can set up an attractive table that can seat six to eight people and also include a couple of chairs nearby. Place the furniture so that it serves as the center of attraction and the fire pit remains in the background.
  4. Color Craze Arrangement
    Use bright colors to add more appeal to your fire pit area. Including a bench style or round seating arrangement with tri-color pillows will look amazing. Also, colored chairs are an excellent choice to add more fun.
  5. Camp Style Arrangement
    Camping in your backyard around a fire pit is a fantastic seating idea for homes having a garden lake or pond. Hobo type seats with wooden borders are ideal. You can place treated logs as drink holders to enhance the look. These seats work fine with or without cushions.

Use these ideas to add more comfort and elegance to your outdoor space. Remember to consider the necessary safety measures when implementing your outdoor fire pit designs.

5 Outdoor Halloween Decorations Ideas to Spellbind Your Neighbors
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Halloween is on its way, and you may be looking forward to decorating your yard using some of the best outdoor Halloween decoration ideas! If you are still not sure about how to handle your outdoor decorations, then take a look at some of our tips.

Outdoor Halloween Decoration Ideas

You can spellbind your neighbors this Halloween, using these 5 outdoor Halloween decoration ideas:

Outdoor Witch Decor

A witch cooking in your yard will provide a very creepy and chilling look to your home and will surely scare the neighbors on Halloween night. Place some skull faces in the cooking vessel and some ghosts and zombies for some extra scares.

Outdoor Witch Decor

Climbing Skeletons

Skeletons climbing on the roof of your home will add a spooky touch to your home. This decoration does not involve much effort. Simply buy the skeletons from a local store and hang them from your roof using wires.

Climbing Skeletons

Flying Ghost Decorations

Buy or make some ghostly figures using white cloth and hang them from your tree. If you make your own, you can use black marker to draw a pair of eyes. Don’t forget to put on some spooky lights to scare the neighbors during the night.

Flying Ghost Decorations

Glowing Vinyl Pumpkins

These beautifully created pumpkins will undoubtedly give an attractive appearance to your outdoor and porch this Halloween. Pumpkins are readily available around Halloween. Check your local grocery store to see if they have any.

Glowing Vinyl Pumpkins

Floating Witch Hat

Having a floating witch hat decoration on your porch can be a perfect outdoor Halloween decoration. You can make these floating witch hats very easily, and they will look awesome during the night.

Floating Witch Hat

Outdoor Halloween decorations for your home are a great way to show your Halloween spirit. These budget-friendly, ideas will help you transform your yard into a wickedly fun area for Halloween.

Top 6 Concrete Finishes for Every Budget
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Using concrete for your paths and walkways gives you the option of having several different types of surfaces to choose from. You can choose a path that complements the rest of your outdoor décor or you can create a unique pattern to accent any landscaped area. The following are just a few of the many options available:

Concrete Path at Commercial Place

  1. Exposed Aggregate
    A commercial hardscaping company can create this much easier than a homeowner. After the concrete is poured and allowed to set for a short amount of time the top is brushed to expose the tiny pebbles that make up the concrete mix. As the top mix is removed, the colors of the pebbles and the unique texture they create are exposed at the surface providing a unique, pea gravel look.

  2. Stamped Concrete
    Stamping concrete creates a three dimensional look that is both inexpensive and extremely easy to achieve. Rubber panels with a design or pattern on one side is placed on top of freshly poured concrete and enough pressure is applied to embed the pattern into the surface. Commercial hardscaping companies often have many patterns to choose from.

  3. Colored Concrete
    Dyes and pigments are added to the concrete when it is being mixed to achieve a specific color or hue. Most forms of colored concrete are mixed directly at the plant to make sure it is evenly spread throughout the entire load of concrete.

  4. Rock Salt
    A rock salt finish is created by pouring a bed of concrete and then sprinkling rock salt evenly over the surface and rolled in. After the concrete is finished, it is sprayed down with water, which dissolves the rock salt leaving a network of small holes throughout the surface.

  5. Grey Broom
    The grey broom surface is basically a smooth surface that has had a long brush swept along the top creating long brush strokes. The brush strokes often result in a pattern while others may just go from side to side.

  6. Traditional Smooth
    A traditional smooth concrete surface is simply a finished surface with no added decorations or patterns added to it.