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Tag: Outdoor Fire Pit Seating

5 Interesting Ideas to Spice up Your Outdoor Fire Pit Seating
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Having an outdoor fire pit seating arrangement is a brilliant idea to spice up your patio. You can transform your fire pit area into a fabulous retreat by placing comfortable chairs, seats or sofas around it. It will offer you an interesting focal point to enjoy many pleasurable activities with friends and family.

Your outdoor fire pit seating area can be designed according to your requirements and your budget. Here is a compilation of a few outdoor fire pit seating ideas to inspire you.


Interesting Ideas to Spice up Your Outdoor Fire Pit Seating

  1. Garden Space Arrangement
    Large wooden chairs and a few pillows are perfect for adding comfort to this arrangement. You can modify the colors according to the season so your fire pit will have an appealing look all year long.
  2. Sit and Swing Arrangement
    A fire pit that’s made of stone and has individual seats can be offered an exciting appearance by including a swing. Patio swings are popularly added to the fire pit area to make it look more welcoming.
  3. Center Stage Arrangement
    The fire pit need not be the focal point. You can set up an attractive table that can seat six to eight people and also include a couple of chairs nearby. Place the furniture so that it serves as the center of attraction and the fire pit remains in the background.
  4. Color Craze Arrangement
    Use bright colors to add more appeal to your fire pit area. Including a bench style or round seating arrangement with tri-color pillows will look amazing. Also, colored chairs are an excellent choice to add more fun.
  5. Camp Style Arrangement
    Camping in your backyard around a fire pit is a fantastic seating idea for homes having a garden lake or pond. Hobo type seats with wooden borders are ideal. You can place treated logs as drink holders to enhance the look. These seats work fine with or without cushions.

Use these ideas to add more comfort and elegance to your outdoor space. Remember to consider the necessary safety measures when implementing your outdoor fire pit designs.