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Strategies You Should Follow for Pruning Olive Trees
Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

For the first four years of an olive tree’s life, it should remain untouched. Pruning it at all before its fourth year can damage the tree and affect how it grows. The tree’s leaves are its primary source of food, so trimming them too early can stunt its growth and make it more susceptible to fungus or disease.

Pruning Olive Trees

Know When to Prune Olive Trees

The best time to prune olive trees is shortly after winter’s end and before the buds start to form. You can also do some light trimming after the flower buds have started to bloom. If you prune your tree in the summer, you may be able to assess the size of your crop for the year.

Control Height

By trimming down the tallest of the tree’s branches. If you are trying to shape your tree, trim the branches down but shape them gradually to retain the natural shape of the tree. This will provide it with a more pleasing and natural look. Keeping your tree on the short end will make it easier to prune in the future and more comfortable to harvest in the fall.

Shaping Your Tree

You can also add shape to your tree by removing a few of the central branches. This will give the tree a rounder shape as the rest of the trees fills out. As the new branches begin to fill in the center, the tree will have a fuller, denser appearance. It may also encourage more blooms.

Once your olive tree has matured enough, regular pruning will help you keep it looking nice and will also allow you to determine the potential size of your harvest. With proper care and adequate water, your olive tree will grow tall and full and provide you with fresh olives every year.

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