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Winter Landscaping Ideas: Add Texture and Color to Beautify Your Yard

Posted on  by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Winter landscapes present plenty of opportunities to bring color, texture, and sculptural beauty to your yard. Inspect your yard and take note of areas where you would like to create interest. Your garden will come alive with a well-planned winter landscape and will still look beautiful even in the dormant season. Here are some interesting winter landscape tips to help you beautify your yard:

Focus on Barks

You should pay attention to the ornamental deciduous trees in your garden that shed their leaves during winter, revealing visually distinctive bark. The branches and trunks of these trees end up adding winter interest. A few popular species in this category include dogwoods and birch trees which are popular for their texture and color.

Include Berries

Many of the berry producing trees and shrubs, hold onto to their berries during fall and winter. These berries are food for the birds that hibernate in your area. You can consider including “crabapples” that retain their berries, making it a perfect addition to the winter landscape.

Consider Evergreens

Evergreens are suitable for the winter landscape for various reasons. They offer different color options besides green, including yellow (Gold Thread false cypress plant), blues such as dwarf blue spruce, and all the intermediate colors. You should always consider adding one or two evergreens in your garden, as they offer decent focal points throughout the year.

Review Your Hardscape

Winter is a good time to seriously review your landscape and detect it’s missing focal points. You may consider some hardscape improvements by including a trellis, an arbor, a bench, and even a garden sculpture to your outdoor landscape. These are essential elements to beautify your yard’s appearance in the winter season.

Decorate Your Summertime Containers

You can utilize summertime plant containers such as window boxes, hanging baskets, and winter-resistant containers that are considered indispensable for winter landscaping. Fill these containers with miniature evergreens like dwarf Alberta spruce, rhododendron and other such plants of different textures and colors and fascinating twigs.

Stick with Four-Season Perennials

Some perennials like ornamental grasses and hellebores have evergreen foliage, making them excellent choices for winter landscaping. The foliage adds visual interest and are functional as well.

Landscaping for winters can be fun. Careful planning and the tips mentioned above will spruce up your landscape during the harsh winter months.

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