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Hardscaping Ideas: Freshen Up the Look of Your Yard

Posted on February 16th, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Hardscaping refers to the process of using elements within your landscape that you wouldn’t find in nature. These elements include concrete patios, brick and stone walls, wooden decks, and gravel paths. The following tips will help you incorporate hardscaping elements seamlessly among the natural items in your yard.
Hardscaping Ideas

Choose a Theme
Selecting a theme that fits the exterior of your home pulls the yard together to create a flowing, cohesive aesthetic. Once you’ve chosen a theme, you can narrow down hardscaping elements that work within the theme. For example, stone walls, fountains, and gravel paths are classic choices for a colonial style while wooden fences and fish ponds are better fit for a farm design. So use the concept that you like to make your yard look sharper.

Follow the Natural Curves
Use the natural elements in your yard to dictate the location of the hardscaping elements. For example, if you have winding flowerbeds, it makes sense to curve the sidewalks and paths around them instead of making them linear.

Strike a Balance
Using too many hardscaping components may make a yard look harsh. Strive to balance your hardscape against the natural elements to create an even aesthetic that is pleasing to the eye. Carefully placed flowers, shrubs, and trees will ease the transition to the hard elements.

Address any Drainage Issues
Certain hardscape elements, such as patios and walls, may affect how water drains. For example, if you create a flat, level patio, it will pool water easily. Sloping the patio slightly will allow for better drainage when it rains.

Go for a Gravel Landscape
Gravel makes for an environmentally friendly landscape that’s modern and low-maintenance. This style of hardscaping assists with water conservation and keeps small animals away.Hence, once you’ve laid a bed of river rock, pea gravelor crushed granite, say goodbye to maintenance and use that time for fun activities. However, consult the local zoning laws of Orange County, CAbefore undertaking this project.

Seek Professional Consultation
When you make significant changes to your yard, talk to a reputable landscaping association or local building authority inspector to determine the location of the freeze line. Once you have this information, you’ll know where to place your footings.
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One thought on “Hardscaping Ideas: Freshen Up the Look of Your Yard”

  1. I like the concept of using elements in my yard that you wouldn’t find in nature anywhere. I wasn’t sure how to do this at first, but after reading this, I see that a good place to start is by selecting a theme that would look really good for my home. Once I do that, I feel that it gets a bit easier to find hardscape elements that will go with the theme.

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