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How You Can Prune Fruit Trees

Posted on May 18th, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Pruning is necessary for a variety of circumstances. For example, if a tree has been transplanted or if it is struggling to grow or produce fruit. Once a tree has been transplanted, the roots have been traumatized and the small feeder roots are no longer there to support the top portion of the tree. Pruning takes away a portion of the top of the tree and brings the cycle back into balance.

Tree Prune

Stronger Framework

By pruning away small branches, stronger branches are given a chance to grow, making the main frame of the tree sturdier and better able to support new growth. When deciding on where to prune the branch, cut to a bud. This allows the bud to continue to grow. By taking the nutrients from a branch that is not healthy or not growing well, and funneling them to a young branch that is stronger and thriving, the tree is able to continue growing healthily.

Unique Shapes

If you know how to prune a tree correctly, you can cut the tree to form a different shape. It gives the tree a unique look and also makes the tree much denser. If you don’t want to prune your trees into shapes, you can keep the contours of the tree, but smooth them over. When you prune a branch, make sure the branch that is left is going in the direction you want the tree to grow. This prevents stray branches from growing out of control and also helps the tree produce more fruit.

Improved Growth and Production

Pruning a tree during its dormant period allows the cut areas time to heal and forces new buds to grow bigger and stronger. When the bare roots of a transplanted tree are placed into the soil, not only must they begin to take hold, the small feeder roots must also be allowed to grow. Pruning the top of the tree reduces the stress of the roots to provide nutrients for the entire tree. The nutrients that are taken in are used to further the growth of the tree while the roots begin to re-establish themselves.

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