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Water conservation is now being mandated due to drought. Water conservation and keeping a beautiful yard can actually go hand in hand.

Here are some ideas to save water including underground irrigation that directs water straight to the roots of plants to avoid evaporation and runoff.

  1. You can keep lots of mulch on the surface of the soil to keep your water in.
  2. Plant selection plays a big part in conservation. Try growing plants and even turf that are either native to California or from places with semi-arid climates. Such plants require 40 to 75 percent less water and still will thrive.
  3. Start at your home by removing a portion of your turf or lawn grass and improve the watering features and your irrigation system.
  4. You should also try watering your yard less, in some cases even just once a week. Most people find out they are over watering their plants significanlty.

We have the expertise to custom design and install a beautiful, water efficient landscape that you and your family will love. The right mix of plants, turf and modern water systems will save you money and make your landscape the envy of the neighborhood.

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