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When Is the Right Time to Prune Different Fruit Trees?

Posted on February 15th, 2017 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Prune Fruit Trees

Pruning is always beneficial for trees whether it is a normal tree or a fruit tree. It is important to remember that fruit trees are different from other trees as more pruning is required to improve the quality of fruits they produce. Pruning is a necessary chore which increases air movement and improves sunlight penetration throughout the tree.

When to Start Pruning Fruit Trees?

A fruit tree should be pruned while you plant them and in subsequent years. It should take place in early spring while the trees are dormant and before buds break. There are different varieties of fruit trees. Let’s discuss about the right time to prune different fruit trees:

When Should Navel Orange Trees Be Pruned?

The best time for pruning is just before the bloom time or after the fruit set. If you live in warmer regions, prune during spring time between February and April and if you live in cooler areas, prune during late February and March. One important thing to remember regarding pruning navel orange tree is that in the initial year’s severe pruning of the tree should not be done as it will delay the fruit production. Orange trees are generous growers if the condition is fine and require annual pruning.

When Should Lemon and Lime Trees Be Pruned?

Lemon and lime belong to the same citrus fruit family but there are slight differences between them when it comes to color, flavor and size. Citrus trees require very less pruning.

Lemon trees should be pruned between February and April. Do not prune them when it’s too hot. However, lemon trees can be pruned when the tree is producing flowers.

Lime trees are quite different from other fruit trees. They are very strong and do not break due to pressure if the tree is loaded with fruits. The ideal time to prune lime tree can be any time prior to blooming or early spring or late summer.

When Should You Prune Nectarine Tree?

Nectarine or peach trees bear fruits which are edible and juicy. Among all fruit trees, peach trees require the heaviest pruning. For keeping the center of the tree opened and stimulating new growth for the following year, you have to make headline cuts and thinning cuts.

Pruning fruit trees at the right time is very important and offers various benefits.

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