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Top 6 Concrete Finishes for Every Budget

Posted on October 5th, 2015 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Using concrete for your paths and walkways gives you the option of having several different types of surfaces to choose from. You can choose a path that complements the rest of your outdoor décor or you can create a unique pattern to accent any landscaped area. The following are just a few of the many options available:

Concrete Path at Commercial Place

  1. Exposed Aggregate
    A commercial hardscaping company can create this much easier than a homeowner. After the concrete is poured and allowed to set for a short amount of time the top is brushed to expose the tiny pebbles that make up the concrete mix. As the top mix is removed, the colors of the pebbles and the unique texture they create are exposed at the surface providing a unique, pea gravel look.

  2. Stamped Concrete
    Stamping concrete creates a three dimensional look that is both inexpensive and extremely easy to achieve. Rubber panels with a design or pattern on one side is placed on top of freshly poured concrete and enough pressure is applied to embed the pattern into the surface. Commercial hardscaping companies often have many patterns to choose from.

  3. Colored Concrete
    Dyes and pigments are added to the concrete when it is being mixed to achieve a specific color or hue. Most forms of colored concrete are mixed directly at the plant to make sure it is evenly spread throughout the entire load of concrete.

  4. Rock Salt
    A rock salt finish is created by pouring a bed of concrete and then sprinkling rock salt evenly over the surface and rolled in. After the concrete is finished, it is sprayed down with water, which dissolves the rock salt leaving a network of small holes throughout the surface.

  5. Grey Broom
    The grey broom surface is basically a smooth surface that has had a long brush swept along the top creating long brush strokes. The brush strokes often result in a pattern while others may just go from side to side.

  6. Traditional Smooth
    A traditional smooth concrete surface is simply a finished surface with no added decorations or patterns added to it.

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