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Tree Care Service: How to Get the Job Right

Posted on January 27th, 2016 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

As a homeowner, it’s important to keep all of the areas of your property well maintained, which includes proper tree care and landscaping. Taking care of your trees requires hard work, a wealth of knowledge, and the tools to do the job safely and efficiently.

Tree Care Serice

Hiring a tree care professional will ensure that each tree gets the type of care it needs to keep it healthy and thriving throughout the year. Be careful when choosing an arborist, as arborists or tree care professionals that are trained and certified by one or more professional organizations can get you substantial returns for your investment.

The Size of the Job
Take a close look at the amount of work that needs to be done before hiring a professional landscaper or tree service. You need to find a company that has the manpower and the equipment to do the job properly. Just because someone gives you an estimate, doesn’t mean they have the capability of handling the job safely. Do your research and hire wisely.

Types of Trees
Different species of trees require different levels of care. Make sure the tree care service you hire is knowledgeable about the types of trees you have on your property. Stump removal, pruning, trimming and fertilizing techniques can vary widely from tree to tree. Talk to your landscaper and find out who they recommend when it comes to proper tree care.

Working Around Power Lines
Landscapers and tree trimming companies are well trained when it comes to working around power lines. Power lines are extremely dangerous and a reputable tree trimming company will know what precautions to take to protect themselves and others from danger. Find out if the employees of the company are certified, or whether or not they received their training to control vegetation near electric lines. Certified tree care professionals will always ensure electric reliability and safety.

Necessary Equipment
A well trained tree trimming company will have the equipment necessary to do the job safely and correctly. This includes harnesses, bucket trucks, various sizes of chainsaws, and hard hats. Safety equipment and the proper tools are a must and should be used at all times. Having the right equipment on hand at all times makes the job go smoother and reduces the risk of accident or injury.

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