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Insect and Mite Treatment

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Insects, mites and tree diseases can pose serious threats to the health of your trees, shrubs and plants that affects the beauty of your landscape. Insects and mites can infest your trees, weakening them and increasing the chance of an accidental fall. If left untreated, they can cause great damage to your trees or plants and can even lead to the removal of the infected trees. Insect and mite treatment by certified arborists is required to restore the health of your trees.

Our professionally trained tree doctors will first do a thorough inspection to identify trees that are in poor health, since these are usually targeted by insects. Our tree surgeons will try to restore the health of these trees so they can resist harmful insects. We can help keep your trees clear of pests so you don’t have to worry about anything harming your tree’s health as well as increasing the safety of anyone underneath your trees.

Common Insect, Mites and Tree Problems

Many insects live in, on, and around trees. Some don’t cause any harm to the trees, in fact they are beneficial for the health of the trees, while others can be very harmful. Common pests include various species of chewing, boring, sucking insects, caterpillars and spider mites.

Chewing Insects

Chewing insects feed on the leaves and fruits and defoliate the trees causing risk of other pests and diseases. Various species of caterpillars-winter moth, gypsy moth, and bagworm can severely damage your trees. Maintaining the health of the trees is important to prevent these insects from damaging the trees. Physical barriers and insecticides can be used to control the insects.

Boring Insects

Boring, or tunneling, insects bore into the roots, stems or twigs of the trees and feed on the vascular tissues cutting off the supply of important nutrients and water to the upper leaves. The trees can die if borer infestation is left untreated. Keep monitoring a tree’s trunk for any signs of boring insects for quick treatment and keep the trees healthy to prevent infestation.

Sucking Insects

These insects suck out the liquid from twigs and leaves. Many of these insects are immobile; they live on the outside of the branch and form a hard outer coating while they suck plant juices from the twig. Maintaining a healthy tree is required to prevent insect infestation. These insects need to be killed to prevent reproduction and get effective control.

Spider Mites

Spider mites suck cell contents from within the leaves. They are like tiny moving dots and initial visible damage will be very light. They make the leaves look yellow and weak. To treat spider mites, spray the affected leaves with water. Adequate watering of trees and plants helps in preventing spider mites infestation. Contact certified arborists in case your trees are suffering from spider mites.

We use low impact treatment and ingredients to reduce harmful pest insects while preserving beneficial insects that helps to maintain ecological sustainability.

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