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Unwind This Summer with a Stunning Outdoor Space

Posted on May 10th, 2017 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Unwind This Summer with a Stunning Outdoor Space

Long days, warm breeze and the bright shining sun over our head. This is the picture that you usually frame in your mind when you say it’s summer time. Summers can’t only be associated with hot, humid and dry weather, as there’s a lot more to unveil.

The summer season is actually meant for long vacations and outdoor gathering, from lawn croquet to patio parties and grilling on the deck. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the countryside and have a wide open meadow or you live in a city with a small outdoor living.

Give your friends and family a surprise staycation with these simple and exciting ideas of turning your drab outdoor area into a fabulous party spot to make the best out of this summer season:

What’s Your Style?
What you’ll plan and how you’ll execute your outdoor party. This all depends upon what’s your style and how you would like to portray it. Nature is the basic element of an outdoor gathering. Keeping this in mind, creating a striking and stylish outdoor look while prioritizing comfort and ease will be an elegant way of doing it.

Plan Your Spot
Your entertainment area will influence the rest of your decision for the party night. If you have a compact patio or small outdoor space and it’s time to host a large party, you can use your patio as serving area and make some more room by properly placing your furniture pieces and other decorative items. This will help you separate the areas which will encourage your guests to interact.

Lighting Brightens the Mood
Lighting is the easiest and the most effective way to dress up your outdoor living space. It creates an alluring atmosphere when the sun goes down. You can use lighting on pathways, near staircases and other dark areas to clearly mark potential hazard steps and create a welcoming impact. Use string led lights for patios to create a soft atmosphere, use solar lights on pathways and walkways, and use Tiki lamps and lanterns for an authentic touch.

Plating Matters
Food is the most essential part of any gathering and how you’ll be serving them is what matters the most. Outdoor parties and barbecues are all about ease and fun, so the way you’ll be presenting your food must resemble this. Depending upon the food you’ll serve, plate some of them indoor then use large serving dishes to put the rest of the food in the center of the table. Apart from this, your food and plating arrangements depend upon the number of guests you have.

Drinks Are the Most Important
When you are planning an outdoor party in summers, keeping your guests hydrated and comfortable is the most important thing to consider. Prepare a small serving station. This will give you time to focus on other things while your guests can help themselves to top up their glasses. Keep few buckets of ice for bottles, jug of water and you can even add spring mint and lemon slices to add a colorful garnish touch.

Set up Water Features
Adding water features like fountains, ponds and outdoor waterfall are not just aesthetically appealing for your house but it’s even really fascinating for kids. They love to play and run through these sprinklers especially when the temperature is on the rise. It’s even alluring for adults to enjoy the lulling trickle of these water features after a long tiring day. Use umbrellas beside your patios. This will make it a perfect place for guests to spend the afternoon siesta.

Strategical Placement of Barbecue
There are a lot of options for barbecue these days. It can be a small grill bucket or a large gas grill. It all depends upon the no. of visitors you’ve invited. Both gas and charcoal barbecue have their own advantages but it’s upon you to choose which one suits your style. Apart from this, where you’ll be placing your barbecue is what matters the most. It should be close enough for ease of serving while it should also maintain a certain distance from obstructing walkways or the place where children are playing.

Cool Off With Cabanas
Cabanas are not limited to poolside spots. It’s even for an open outdoor space where you can sit with your cocktail and cool off in the fresh air. Use cabanas in your outdoor gathering to create a mini vacation spot for welcoming your visitors.

Increasing temperature and breezy nights give you an opportunity to enjoy the summer season at its best. Preparing your outdoor space shouldn’t have to be a solo mission. Involving other family members for planning and purchasing will not only help you lower the stress but it’s also a great way to get fresh ideas. And there’s no better way to unwind this summer than your individualized outdoor space.

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