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What You Need to Know About Winter Lawn Care

Posted on December 1st, 2015 by Prunin Arboriculture & Landscape

Most people spend less time on lawn care and grass maintenance during the winter than they do during any other season. Once you’ve put the lawn mower away, most likely you’re ready to relax until the spring. Tending to your lawn periodically in winter ensures that it’ll be in top condition when spring comes around again.

Frozen Grass

  1. Fertilizing
    The best time to fertilize a cool-season grass, such as bluegrass or Bermuda, is during the late fall or early winter. If you live in a region that experiences freezing, fertilize before the first freeze to replace the nutrients that get lost during the summer. With the grass fertilized all winter long, when spring begins, the lawn will be healthy, lush, and green. For your final fertilization of the season, choose a product with 10-15% phosphorous to encourage root growth.

  2. Mowing
    During the final month of the summer, start lowering the lawn mower cutting base for each mow. When you decrease the cut of the grass slowly, it’ll thrive better during the winter. Keeping the grass short in winter is key for preventing field mice and other burrowing critters from living in it. It also shields new, and consequently, fragile growth that may occur near the end of the summer.

  3. Cleaning
    Before you complete your final mow for the fall, sweep the yard, clearing out stray toys, branches, and lawn furniture. Rake dead leaves to prevent wet spots that may become moldy or mossy. Check the yard periodically during the winter as well, removing items as needed. Leaving an item to sit during the cold months can create large dead spots that, come spring, have stunted, thinner grass growth.

  4. Minimize foot traffic
    Once the grass turns brown, most people don’t think twice about walking on it. The grass is fairly resilient, but it struggles to grow when people walk on the same spots over and over again. Keep the sidewalks clear so that people use them instead of cutting the grass, and don’t ever let anyone park a vehicle on the lawn.

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